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Why isn't a certain song on the list?

There are many reasons why your favorite song may not be on the HHK song list.

1) HHK performances are based on the original instrumental version (just the beat, no vocals) of the song, which are often found on the b-side of 12" vinyl records. It can be difficult (sometimes impossible) and expensive (vinyl costs money) to track down the original instrumental version for certain songs. For example, we'd LOVE to add "Rock the Bells" to the song list, but have not been able to find the correct instrumental version. We try and add about 5 new songs per month, so stay tuned to our song list for updates.

2) Not all good Hip Hop songs are good HHK songs. Factors such as tempo, content, & song length may be reasons why a song may not make the song list. We have logged well-over 200 stage hours at HHK and we have a good understanding of which songs work well... so trust us!

3) Maybe we just think itís wack. Jokes!

Can I perform my own original music at HHK?

No. HHK performances are limited to the songs that appear on our song list. HHK is NOT an open mic night.

Can I bring an instrumental track for a song that you don't have on the song list and perform that song?

Maybe. Email us at to get approval prior to the event.

Ok, so what exactly is HHK?

Ever wanted to rhyme your favorite hip-hop joint on stage in front of a cheering crowd? Hip Hop Karaoke is a monthly event that lets you get on stage with a DJ, hypeman and the original instrumental and show your skills on one of hundreds of classic and current hip-hop songs.

Oh. So you mean like "Ice Ice Baby" and "U Can't Touch This"?

NO. Hip Hop Karaoke is designed for the Hip Hop lover in mind. Think Rakim, KRS-One, Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Big Daddy Kane. You get the idea.

Sounds dope. So how do I get on stage?

It's pretty simple. Check the website to find out when our next event is or contact us to be added to the mailing list for show updates. Once the sign-up period starts, sign up for your selected track, get a copy of the lyrics if you need 'em, and wait for our host to call your name. When it's time, get up on stage and take it from there. Sign-up is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED, so get there early to ensure yourself a prime spot on the list.

Thanks for supporting HHK!!!


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