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About HHK

Started in December 2004, Hip Hop Karaoke has given thousands of people the opportunity to witness, and participate in, this unique celebration of hip-hop. The event, held monthly in New York City, has been visited by such luminaries as Jeru the Damaja, Rhymefest and Big Daddy Kane and has performed internationally in such esteemed spots as The Paradiso in Amsterdam. Garnering praise from everyone from Village Voice to XXL Magazine, the event is one-of-a-kind in New York and has quickly become one of the cityís most popular nights! (View all press).

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J. New

Hatched on a misty mountain top in 1979, (not coincidentally the same year as Slade's "Return to Base," Bette Midler's "Thighs and Whispers," and Art Garfunkel's "Fate for Breakfast,") J. New achieved notoriety at an early age as the first person to say "Hello" when answering the phone. From then on, he was destined for great things. They have yet to happen. His dream is to become a low-level cog in investment banking. With his dream fulfilled in 2000, he can now die in peace. J. New hopes to one day quit his job and get paid tons of loot from companies who have too much money to run Hip Hop Karaoke. He also hopes to marry a unicorn and spend his days in wedded bliss on a rainbow castle in Shangri-La. Possessing a vast range of knowledge on everything from music nerd trivia to music nerd minutiae, he can be found most nights in his apartment reorganizing his CD collection and eating Bagel Bites.

Wex was born in Texas (believe that??) and upon being dropped from the womb, has since not returned. Though, he does hear that the state is okay with his absence. Raised in sunny South Florida, Wex has remarkably managed to keep the complexion of bed linen. His favorite gangsta rappers include Lynyrd Skynyrd, Charlie Daniels, & Hank Williams Jr. He's been told that he's handsome, quiet, moody, loveable, angry, sensitive, disgusting, and caring - all in the same mind-blowing tirade. His goal is to turn HHK from a witty idea into a witty idea that pays really well. His current obsessions include, but are not limited to, Natalie Portman, Outkastís first record, not answering the phone, making fun of Josh, scopiní out the fly honies, drawing self portraits, leafing through old take-out menus, humping jukeboxes, polishing his little league trophies, searching out rare phonographs (then not buying them), and other terribly important things. He currently spends his days working a job that pays him money.

Queens. 27. Pizza Bagel. Milano.Yankees. Del. Binghamton. Family Guy. Gel. Mattingly. Swingers. Alba. Giants. Tall.
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